Our Provision

We offer bespoke individual, team and whole organisation leadership development orientated to the needs of the service and the people it serves.

Partnership & Collaboration

  • Building effective partnerships and collaboratives: adding value not cost within and across services.
  • Strategic planning: establishing a clear focus and direction for partnerships and collaboratives within and across services based on shared values and complementary competencies.
  • Workshops and conferences: raising awareness of new thinking and emerging practice.

Leadership at all levels

  • Strategic leadership: helping senior teams revisit their vision and strategic goals in the light of the changing multi-service environment.
  • Developing the top team: establishing or refreshing corporate leadership so the team continues to add value and maintains focus on service delivery.
  • Senior leadership programme; enhancing the impact of leaders with strategic responsibility.
  • Middle leadership programme: equiping those with responsibility for departments or projects with the skills to lead well-rooted change.
  • The influential leader: changing behaviour to create a positive response in others.
  • First time leaders: preparing staff for taking up their first leadership position.

Working With People

  • Consultancy skills: learning the skills and processes that underpin the improvement or redesign of services.
  • One-to-one mentoring and coaching: supporting CEOs and senior leaders in a time of adaptive change.
  • The coaching programme: equipping managers with powerful one-to-one skills for developing and supporting staff.
  • Courageous conversations: having those conversations you know you need to have.
  • Managing performance: systematically improving staff performance.